Spend wisely with
Auction Wizard
® 2000!

Auction Wizard 2000 harnesses the power of automation to save your valuable time. And everybody knows that "time is money." But we won't rely on that principle alone to impress you with our program - that would put us in the same category as the other auction management tools. As you are about to find out, we're much more than that.

Our first advantage is our pricing. Some programs or services hide high rates by charging by the month or per transaction. Auction Wizard 2000 is priced very simply at US$50.00 per license per year. Each computer on a network requires a separate license, and each license requires annual renewal. Email support and updates are provided at no additional cost.

If we break it down to show an equivalent monthly rate, it averages out to just $4.17 per month. Compare that to any other program or service!

And, Auction Wizard 2000 is more than just auction management software. Built-in image editing, email, and FTP, and HTML modules means you don't need to buy other programs to create and upload your auctions. The email system is tightly integrated into the management system, letting you perform several tasks with simple mouse clicks. When you add those features into the cost of the software, it becomes even more affordable.

Thanks to intelligent design, Auction Wizard 2000 is engineered to take advantage of money-saving features of auction sites.

Auction Wizard 2000's biggest money saver is the ability to re-list your items for credit on eBay. If an item doesn't sell the first time it is listed, it can be re-listed with a different title, a better description, a lower price, or any enhancements to the listing that you think will give it better chances of selling the second time around. If it sells as a result of being re-listed, eBay will refund the listing insertion fee. Simply tell Auction Wizard 2000 that you want to re-list an item that didn't sell, and the program tells eBay everything they need to know in order to refund your money if the item sells.

We have received many accolades from Auction Wizard 2000 users who have raved about recouping the cost of their software license fees just through the automated re-listing function - some of them have recovered their investment in as little as a week.

We've shown you the benefits of Auction Wizard 2000 that directly relate to the cost of the program and the way it will affect your bottom line through efficiency. We're sure that you'll see many more benefits as you read through our pages. We also encourage you to check out the discussion boards where you can see how real-world users have taken advantage of the program's features. Then feel free to download a no-cost, fully functional version of the program for a no-obligation 60-day trial.